photo by Ashley Randall
Jack Bishop and Justin Nijm are an award-winning directing duo known for their offbeat comedy and captivating visual style. 
In 2012 they co-founded the production company, Bad Taste, through which they've produced short films, music videos, commercial campaigns and independent features. 
They have directed commercials for clients like AT&T, Direct TV, Geico, Atari, NASCAR, Bic razors, Tic Tac, Off! Bugspray and Redd’s Apple Ale, as well as written and directed viral shorts for Funny Or Die, Comedy Central, Adult Swim, and Awesomeness TV
They directed the entire first season (and half of the second season) of IFC’s horror comedy television series STAN AGAINST EVIL, created by Dana Gould and starring John C. McGinley and Janet Varney, as well as two episodes for the history channel series The Crossroads of History, and two episodes of the hit YouTube red series Foursome.
Their  viral internet short “DENNIS QUAID’S ON SET FREAK OUT” won the Webby Award for best comedy short and was featured on countless news and television shows, including Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Most recently they have signed on to write & direct a feature film adaptation of their 2018 viral short horror film THE HUG for 20th digital & Hulu.
They are represented by their manager, Joel Zadak at Artists First.
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